BKM Wealth Management Group, LLC is a fee-based wealth management firm that is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the SEC.

We created BKM Wealth Management Group, LLC to address a growing problem - the retirement objectives of the business owner were not being met. We believe in creating a prudent, well-diversified investment strategy, appropriate for the clients' needs. Because we are an RIA firm, we are not product- or commission-driven. We have a fiduciary obligation to seek out the most cost-effective and efficient strategy to meet your specific investment goals.

“...local representation with worldwide institutional money management.”
Our belief is that market timing and security selection add very little value, if any, to a portfolio. We do not follow the latest investment fads, chase performance or engage in active trading of our clients’ portfolios. Our strategy is to embrace academic theories and build a cost-effective, diversified investment strategy of non-correlated securities. This allows us to create portfolios with our clients’ future goals in mind.

What you can expect
• Discovery process to learn specific goals related to asset management and qualified plans.
• Coordination with a team of experts that we can provide for you or with your present trusted advisors.
• Utilization of institutional quality investment options.
• Reasonable and clearly defined fee.

Money Management
Estate Planning